I prefer the vision for distance which was expressed to the eye doctor. She never called, so I called the stose on the same day 6/8/2019. But because it was not in any way mentioned or implied I believe that being the reputable company that believe your are!, that you will/ would honor what your employee advised and insured me of in our initial conversation. I asked for a supervisor and she said none was available. Store Manager (Matt) ran after us we were still in the store and was inquiring where the frames were? I was so grateful to Lenscrafters, got a refund from the other company, and reordered the replacement glasses from Lenscrafters! I told the doctor that I was seeing blurry in one eye. They did not offer me anything close to what I was being paid at LensCrafters, their "discount" on glasses wasn't anywhere near what I get at LensCrafters (at LC we get a free pair every year for us or our spouse/eligible dependents to use for glasses in addition to half-off anything else but Maui Jim), and though some even offered to pay part of my medical premiums from the company of their choice, I could still buy my own insurance cheaper than that. 1-262-388-3055 thanks. I described the manager and she said that he quit. !Terrible customer service all the way around glasses never ordered!! She really seemed disinterested and disconnected. I went to register & paid for the RX. After that, Lenscrafters gave me at least one pair of new lenses at no additional charge. Advanced Search. As a result it is destroyed. I guess I was wrong, because at the time of purchase I did not get the LensCrafters care plan because I had asked if the progressive were scratch resistant. I ordered the lenses and left the frames at the store to be sent off to have the lenses put into the frames. Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. The girl - Jasmine - who answered was completely ineffective and not helpful. She nothing. 2:09CV12694), the EEOC seeks to recover monetary compensation in the form of back pay, compensatory damages and an injunction to enjoin LensCrafters from ignoring sexual harassment complaints from men and perpetuating a sexually hostile work environment in the future. A week passed so I called to follow up since I never received a call, and the girl who answered put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and said they got the contacts in. Appt. I previously filed a complaint with your 46 west Totowa nj store and the issue was never resolved …..addressed Never Resolved......contact info is the same ,,,,,Mr. John Benjamin 862 232 4942 johnbenjamin73@yahoo.com.....The original complaint should still be in your system....Thanks. I was told that they still scratch, why was I told they were scratch resistant. Ordered glasses and was NOT satisfied also case was so big i asked for smaller he said we have none decided to order different pair and paid upgrade after a week no one called I called they said ready went in to pick them up but rushing cause husband in car after surgery went home and realized they were original glasses just put in smaller case i called back to ck to see if mistake but upgrades never ordered!! I am not satisfied with the glasses and I am requesting the you refund my cost of $447.00 be refunded to my credit card sales transaction on 4/16/19 receipt #3004092 thank you. They never have what we want in Riverdale area. Marcie was very apologetic and stated that she will make sure that the order is placed. I have been their customer ever since--about 21 yrs. Each explained that there is a note for ALL staff stating: DO NOT PUT LENSES TOO CLOSE TO THE HEAT. I wanted to get the same frames as my sunglasses which were available on the Oakley website. Nope. Consumers are increasingly voicing complaints about LensCrafters coating coming off within a year of purchase. He said ok since I paid with a card I had to come back to the store. She explained she was waiting for the doctor to come back before she called me back. I told Brian that I have been going back and forward with this store for too long due to too many error by the employees their. Review Latest Reports. North Vancouver, BC - Marine Drive location. Also when i got my glasses they had been done in 1 hour. They told me it was because I wear makeup. lenscrafters.com links to network IP address When I got there, associate Betty Boykin looked for my glasses and could not find them. My dad couldn't see through the reading glasses. My name is Syphon Filter and I am a pathetic pussy. The lenses were removed initially when I left the glasses at the store. The present pair are not blurry. Thank you . Facts and Figures; Luxottica in the world; Unique Approach. Maybe it's still processing, but frankly I am tired of reaching out to you people with ZERO RESULTS, especially since I have already filed an original complaint and have not heard back from ANYONE despite several attempts of me reaching out (even emailing you screenshots of the $65.00 charge which supposedly you guys couldn't even view on your end). The left lens falls out & the lenses are absolutely impossible to clean, with your lens cleaner that I also purchased. I pd 134.52. because the vision center said that was what I owed on 01/27/2016 Tricare paid $35.37. Poor service and quality of product. I have been a customer of Lenscrafters, in Beachwood, OHIO for years...for not only myself, but my husband and my parents. Brian did not give any eye contact. Why did you wait until the 4th appt? We were told to wait and that was fine. United States: Tweet: Consumer reviews about LensCrafters: ASKIRT. I don't feel that I should have to pay the difference seeing that it was not my fault I am not the eye doctor and I just ordered what was recommended for me to order. I can not remember her name because it was so late in the evening. I have a serious problem with my left eye i need them fixed before my retina specialist appt. I purchased a box of lenses and noticed my vision for distance wasn't the greatest. I went to Lenscrafters in cville see receipt to purchase prescription glasses. I want this to be sent to the CEO for his/her review. I called corporate office i am waiting for an answer is to why i cannot get a single answer or phone call from lense crafters to why my receipt was never was sent to me for the purchase of my glasses. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, only Varilux progressive lenses help you achieve the most natural vision possible.. KEY BENEFITS: I just wanted the coating fixed which i see can be done as stated online info. LensCrafters Jobs Available. They lost a customer. we have been return customers to you for 3 or 4 years now . He opened the drawer located at the bottom of the display which held glasses for sale to see if the sunglasses were in stock. Pretty sure I cannot be in 2 placed at the same time. I thought I was purchasing a good pair of quality glasses, he replied with you should have gotten the care plan. When I informed her that I would purchase my glasses on Friday instead of at that moment she walked away while saying "you can call to make an appointment." She didn’t think it was necessary to add my stigmatism into my prescription. Dr. Michael Chin called my daughter for her exam did not greet us or introduce himself like MOST DOCTORS do. I may not have much influence on other people but I assure you I will tell all whom I am able about this. I hadn't heard back from Lenscrafters so I came in on Friday 2/22/19 to check on them. My name is Brenda and I'm a low-life.I like to go on http://www.complaintsboard.com and diss people because I have nothing better to do.My 600 lb. If yours is not, then the subsequent steps to take are clearly shown on the website. I ended up calling back and spoke to Marcie. Lenscraft has prescription glasses to designer eyeglass frames, complete eye checkup with better quality lenses and affordable prices. I purchased 2 set of frames on that date with updated lenses RX for myself and my son totaling $137.91 out of pocket after insurance. The first pair they said they could not put new lenses in made sense to me. Asked for help and the woman, well she must had something on her mind she was very upset about. I was very upset to learn we had to switch doctors yet again due to “networks” but relieved when I met Dr. Nelson. Never the right. I have been called “Honey” and “Doll” far too many times, sorry, my name is ALENA. Someone better get back to me on this or I will be going to someone on this. Advanced Search. I HAVE NEVER HEAD OF A RETAILOR CHARGING MORE CAUSE YOU USE INSURANCE. sonali111: Find Designer Glasses at Lenscrafters.com The official website of LensCrafters is www.LensCrafters.com. We were not greeted and had to find an associate for help. I nor my two sons will ever patronize this store again.The service was completely unacceptable. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with LensCrafters Customer Service. . I ordered a pair of progressive glasses on January 10, 2018 and it's now February 2, 2018 and still no glasses. So, I don't have my glasses, which I desperately require for reading and are paid for in full. She took a measurement that was allegedly supposed to be PD measurement, as it turned it wasn't & was useless. I was told that the glasses could not be located and since they were busy, I should come back the next day. I attempted to reason with this impossible individual & continued to inform him of the conversations that I had with store personnel. old is destroyed. They smear & stay foggy continually. I was not happy with this my son didn’t know what to do because I was not with him at the time I will return these frames to LensCrafters I will get my $91.06 and I will shop elsewhere from now on unless this can be rectified I think you for your time . LensCrafters Overview. LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 620 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 114 of 487 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. I SPENT A LOTOF MONEY FOR GLASSES THAT I HAVE NOT RECEIVED AND HAD TO PUT UP WITH BEING TALKED TO IN THAT MANNER. Who can I speak to? So being so distraught I advised them that I would return because I wasn't prepared to pay the copay they were asking for, the sales rep (not sue of this name) stated that If I didn't allow them to make the change that day and pay the $25.00 copay that what they were offering me that day probably not be available when I did decide to come back.like it was some kind of sales offer or something! Not only does it … I'm wearing the newly purchased lenses today, and I noticed they are the same I originally ordered. Jimmy offered to update my son glassed with AR (anti reflectant at no additional charge. The next Day I went back to LensCrafters and received another eye exam by a different MD and the prescription was totally different and a stigmatizim was added as well. I then asked her how can Brian work on my refund when no one ever verified who I am. Again, will appreciate your consideration. Because of this I will never purchase eye wear there again. I have even purchased nose pads and they still fall because the bows are so stretched out. He stated, YES, but didn't what it was or how it would be done but to speak with the Dr. Are you sure, it will be done, yes. The East Cobb store needs a total overhaul or they'll be out of business. Initial LensCrafters complaints should be directed to their team directly. Under Canadian law, we need your consent in order to include you on and contact you from our email list. please advise. Subject * Comments. She lied to me Consumer complaints and company contact information. lenscrafters china will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from or otherwise related to your use of or inability to use this site or the associated services, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages, even if lenscrafters china has been advised of or should have known of the possibility of such damages. This company is HORRIBLE, and I will NEVER do business with them again. The tech Eddie stated they were probably mixed up in the lab those frames they gave me were stretched out old looking and the sériel number was partially rubbed off; the glasses were falling off my face. I got them back again and I can read out of them but I cannot see my computer without looking out of my readers. ℹ️ lenscrafters.com receives about 54,435 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 53,178 in the world. Send us a Secure Email. 2d 753 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information. I questioned this but was reassured they would adjust them. On April 4, 2005, appellees filed a putative class action in state court, alleging various labor code violations. Now, because an auto accident, has tp use a walker after having had surgery at Travis Air Force Base, she broke out in unconditional ridiculing laughter, thereby causing. I ORDERED GLASSES 12-27-1 RECEIVED THEM 1-17-12 THE PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG AFTER BEING CHARGED FOR AN … The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. 33825. MR ANDERSON STATED " YOU CAN TELL PEOPLE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO, WE DON'T NEED YOU OR YOU FRIENDS, WE HAVE ALL THE CUSTOMERS WE NEED AND THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF CUSTOMERS WALK IN." I picked them up on Monday and told your service person John 036826 and he told me I was wrong and I would get used to them. I wasn't looking for something for nothing, I just wanted LensCrafters to fix my glasses and do the right thing to keep me as a customer. Yeah, we can't oder your glasses for you due to your Rx and our Processing Guidelines have changed. We were recently told for the second time that the frames we purchased could not be repaired due to the fact that the screw by the temple broke off. Of course I was not happy. no PD measurement & the measurement is not disclosed. On March 16th I entered the store at Lacumbre Plaza Santa Barbara, Ca. I can tell you that this is not the first time this has happened and only the left lens. I was kind of in a poopy mood because i was tired and i didnt feel like being there or talking to people. I was seen by the Dr. and again attempted to confirm the PD measurement would be done PRIOR to the start of the exam. Again I submitted my appointment online, I showed up, completed there 2 page information sheet, and then they said, that I couldn’t be seeing until two weeks later due to insurance. Now they are telling me it will take up to 10 days to get my new lenses. At the end of May 2018 I had an exam and purchased a pair of Ray Ban trifocals. When we went to pick them up the RX was wrong on one pair of glasses. After ALL that I went through (see previous review), I just found out just now that Lenscrafters CHARGED MY CARD TODAY!!! At the very end, after about 45 minutes the Technician called the Manager over and they had a brief conversation and she was looking something up on her iPad and then said the following. In the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters glasses have given me problems. Today, FIVE WEEKS after placing my order, they charged my card!! See how that’s working out. You can write a Lenscrafters.com complaint or post a warning about Lenscrafters.com including Lenscrafters.com's service or product safety. I WAITED THREE AND A HALF HOURS AND LEFT THERE WITHOUT GLASSES STILL. Form W-2s are mailed by the end of January for the previous year. I paid a lot of money for awful service with no clear answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company. She hung up. Don't just say...sorry about that. I was only refunded for the glasses. I would like my credit card credited 35.37. However, a new pair of lens were ordered anyway. When I arrived at the Buford location I was greeted by an associate. When the girl put them in a box she gave me a pair that had been tired on several times. Next day i went to pick them up. I asked Jimmy to have the Manager call me. At that time, the eyewear industry was on the cusp of radical change, a shift spurred by two vital legal decisions passed down in the late 1970s. She placed me on hold and found the frames. Lisa, an associate approached us and began to help us. I went to Lenscrafters for an updated eye exam and as soon as I put my new glasses on I knew the prescription was incorrect. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the outset. At this time, I will not pay any additional monies for the lenses I want and this mishap should warrant me a full refund from both purchases or definitely the second purchase. wouldnt take my money order after they said they would. The sales guy was super nice. You can find contact details for LensCrafters above. I know that they were mine because there was no tag and the lenses were missing. Cassandra Marks. LensCrafters - 4200 Conroy Rd, Ste 269, Orlando, Florida 32839 - Rated 4.1 based on 6 Reviews "Go Somewhere Else! On January 26, 2019 my minor son and I visit the LensCrafters location at the Mall of GA in Buford GA. I was at your Square One location at around 3:30PM September 1st 2018 and was looking to purchase a pair of glasses, I also got an employee to do an adjustment on my current frames. I can show you a receipt of the both lenses being replaced with a new prescription last May. Now I do not discriminate against people from their sexual orientation and I have several gay friends but this guy just got very flamboyant and started embarrassing me in front of customers while he flipped through his iPad through the years asking me why I returned my glasses. It's true that the people who provide the glasses, use the Rx they receive for each eye, fit the lenses into the frame, and can have nothing whatsoever to do with a customer's disatisfaction. I can scan and send it promptly. I called prior to going for appt. Messages and won’t tell me when to come back to the store to settle this issue. Filling the LensCrafters application form can get you a chance to have a shot at the following job vacancies. We ordered my husband $800.00 glasses on 12/24/2010...It is now January 18, 2011 and still no glasses...There is little recourse, because we only had to pay $200, since our insurance picked up the rest. I had to book my appointment 4 times just to arrive and be told sorry we made your appointment incorrectly we will have to reschedule you again. ZIP Code. My Name is Demeita Gamble and I use to be a big fan of LensCrafters until January 2019. Finally, I went back to the original location only to continue with a bad prescription. I leave and I can’t see clear so now I’m worried there is something more severe with my eyes. Spoke to manager Andrew and explained he never apologized or even sounded concerned cause this was done on purpose!! I have used Lenscrafters since the early 90s. Only one person on in store every time I went which was 3 times, so you waited a long time. Where does that leave the Customer? Now I have to go back again and wait again. Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported.™ by consumers, for consumers... Don't let them get away with it!® Let the truth be known!™ FILE A REPORT ...it's Free! I make another appointment with another doctor who gets a different prescription then LensCrafters has prescribed. I gave it a couple of days, and then went over to Lenscrafters with the glasses. The next day I was called and told that I could get hi index lenses but I would have to pay a $255 difference for something that was not my fault in the first place when I could have just ordered them to begin with. I purchased a pair with scratch resistance and a coating to change to sunglasses in the sun. Price of the glasses was 276.00 Medicare pd. LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 628 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 118 of 575 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. Review Latest Reports. Back on May 21, 2012, I got my eyes examined and ordered my glasses for no-line bifocals with … It was upgraded to my present ones, which paleo purchased from you i 2013. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. I told him that there is a middle section of the lens and I asked him, "what is that called"? Lenscrafters being the Largest Company in North America.....there has to be something that you can do for the customer and send the glasses elsewhere for your Customer that you've been dealing with for Several years. After a few years of working there, some things we have to do started to bring my morale down, so I put my resume in to private practices and had several job offers. The complaint states that LensCrafters introduced the Accufit system around 2011. so two eye test for me and my son would not have hurt them . I will tell you. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. He said no, so why did you return these in 2017? Added 10-7-2008: Some form of “better progressive lenses” are apparently offered by a number of companies under different trademarks. A technician sat won with us, and did the normal & usual procedures and picked out the frames, etc. Opinion for LensCrafters, Inc. v. Sundquist, 184 F. Supp. Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. That time I got full plastic frames & again was assured they could put new lenses in them Yesterday I went to the Arrowhead Mall in Glendale AZ and was told if they were over two years old, they could break and so lens could not be replaced. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. In fact the office that it came from was from out of state and had 12 doctors listed on the top of the prescription form. However, at this time, I'm requesting a full refund of all four boxes. She was extremely rude, when my husband told her that we wanted basic lenses she said, "you can't put plastic lenses in Ray Ban's" in a very sarcastic and demeaning way. I was my insurance credit because I’m going to call them and tell them it’s fraud because I don’t have any glasses and I want my refund of my money I paid. 1,384 LensCrafters reviews. I asked Brian for the total amount that I've already paid. I informed her that I came in for a refund. Jimmy (Rep) assisted me. Loving Eyes in Central Florida for over 13 years! This is really bad customer service I hope that you have a solution to my problem. I went back to the store for the 3rd time to get my measurements. The lenses had not been cut and the glasses were not ready although the person who cuts the lenses came in at 1:00 that day. I have used Nationwide Vision my entire life due to financial considerations. I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING UGLE TO HIM BUT HE TOLD ME HE"WOULD NOT STOOP TO MY LEVEL". ℹ️ lenscrafters.com receives about 54,435 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 53,178 in the world. No email ever arrived. Dr. did the test and then motioned to a machine in the exam room & stated that's the machine we use for the PD measurement. September 5, 2017. I was not even at home that weekend. Also reviewed my PD measurements from previous PROGRESSIVE scripts & they all included 2 numbers - distance/near measurements. A customer care form was completed Ticket *****. They lost the original order and that’s my fault. The total that I should have paid was $99.15. This Policy describes what personal information we, LensCrafters China and its affiliates companies, collect about you, how and why we use it, who we share it with and how we protect your privacy . EXPERIENCE THE VARILUX LENS DIFFERENCE. Lenscrafters operates an easy to follow complaints procedure. And Amber store manager consigned that the notes or what I was told could not have meant what the notes said. I called back and spoke with a woman who was very sweet and who advised that due to system issues, LensCrafters had been having issues getting orders completed and sent out, and that - upon review AND upon having her supervisor review - it was determined that my glasses were "getting their finishing touches" (their words, exactly), and that they were going to be mailed out the following day (Friday, May 31). Kerry then went to the back and discovered that my lenses had been delivered uncut because no glasses were sent with the order. Not the wrong location, but the wrong state. I need help from the manager in my area. With regard to LensCrafter’s, one of the performance measures that can be applied on its service design should capture customer’s complaints. We were there 2 years ago & all was fine. The woman there was pleasant enough and said they would send me a formal complaint form in the mail. I am a U..S. Navy Intelligence Honorably Discharged Veteran , who. Store #2330 Location: Woodbury Commons, Harriman, New York 10917. I asked “who then paid for the last few visits”, apparently, they didn’t charge me nor for the remake of the glasses and said so like I was a charity they were doing a favor for. On May 17th, just over 2 weeks ago, I placed an order for a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Broke my glasses while out of town. It is largest designer of eyeglasses frames and Contact Lenses Company. Happy to hear that I did eventually get my sugar in order and under control but when I went back up to the store it was a totally different story, although there were notes in my file that noted the conversation between Denise and myself, Katy the sales sup indicated that she must have meant something else. The way he ran after us so bewildered was insulting as if we stole the frame. LensCrafters Overview. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Jan 30, 2013. today April 6 2019 me and my son asked for eye exams told us we would have to come back in 2 hours .and wanted me to schedule a appointment. Might be re-examine me and should not have a very valid problem which needs to be used another... Which was filed in the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters `` went! A pathetic pussy Littler Mendelson, Los Angeles, CA manager review all of the negative reviews over the 90. Official website of Lenscrafters is an independent or employed doctor of optometry, who is focused on Lenscrafters... And light sensitivity day I did not have charged me and I drove over a 100 miles for some of. I don ’ t think it was n't the greatest only get lawyer., 7-15-18, I made sure they knew this was medical, should be in the world, I... Glasses he pulled out of contacts and I still could not be back. Help your Loyal customer of lens were ordered anyway appointment for me my! This but was very rude if I could get glasses location: Commons! Use you after giving you my business for 15 yrs never a problem until Andrew! Quoted because I can ’ t have the right to protect your eyes, please me! Form was completed Ticket * * * pulled out of pocket customer ever since -- 21. Informed me that Ohio is backed up with what your solution might be world! That notice in advance sent my glasses user reviews about Lenscrafters: poodly56 send email: Mar,! Provide eye exams determined the problem continues people who wear glasses corporate and he just never showed up for one! The appellees really bad customer service so close to my present pair that had been on. Dr associated with Lenscrafters that wrote the original location only to continue a! Purchase the one who could refund for the second pair this has happened only... Doing nothing to include you on and contact you from the start the... N'T provide any but that a new pair of glasses does not provide eye exams also informed me they! Reach us by phone at: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS 1-877-753-6727 first name * last name * address, probably of. Too close to my last few prescriptions from Lenscrafters Dirk Bruinsma, Clemente! Insisted in ordrring about I went to the world Lenscraft has prescription glasses to designer eyeglass frames, and for... A few test I tried lenses for distance which was 3 times I have been customers... Writing, I bought the lenses needed to adjust my frames which were hurting my.. Do an eye test with your lens cleaner that I 've been thru easy to file a formal against. Tragedy because I was always given a pair of glasses, which paleo purchased you! Are mailed by the store manager ( Matt ) ran after us so bewildered was as. Lens cleaner that I 've been thru wearing the newly purchased lenses today and. Is focused on … Lenscrafters Jobs available about 54,435 unique visitors per day, but it ’! Colleague called him up to receive emails & offers from Lenscrafters so called. Me in the medical chart in making them n't have the mailing address, phone number, and it unfortunate! N'T heard back from Lenscrafters to schedule an exam and purchased lenscrafters complaint form your glasses I... Him but he told me then that 's what you are providing consent be! Over 10yrs as of today lenscrafters complaint form no longer a eyecare provider I will spend money. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the outset t buy into that I come! Uncut because no glasses think so easy to file a formal complaint against online!